FDA Gives Approval For Easy To Use TAP Blood Collection System

The FDA, this week, approved the use of a TAP blood collection system manufactured by the Seventh Sense Biosystems.


This device is simple to use, and in addition to hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and medical centers, it can easily be used at home by individuals. This is great for seniors as well as anyone else that has trouble getting around.

These individuals can test their blood electronically, and then send it to their doctor. Results and follow up are transmitted back to the patient by phone, email, or app.





FDA: How Does TAP Blood Collection Work?

The TAP blood collection device features microneedles that penetrate the skin without causing pain. Current blood collection procedures can be painful and frightening.


The machine is small but still has a capacity to draw up to 20 micro liters of whole blood, which is more than sufficient for many clinical lab tests.

The TAP is placed on the upper arm and draws blood, releasing anticoagulants if necessary. The anticoagulants insure that blood is drawn uninterrupted. The patient doesn’t see any needles or the blood collecting inside the device. There’s no stress and a very minimal amount of pain.


This blood collection system is a big upgrade for people who have difficulty getting to a doctors’ office or medical facility. It’s also great because it minimizes stress levels and pain need to be kept to a minimum.

for patients at assisted living centers as well as skilled nursing facilities —

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