Green Tea Effective In Fighting Obesity And Related Illness

Green tea has been found effective in fighting obesity, according to results from a recent study. It appears that the benefits are due to green tea’s positive influence on gut bacteria.


This news is promising because obesity has become a world-wide problem. Some scientists say it is close to reaching epidemic proportions.


Consider these incredible statistics.



  • According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in some states, more than 35 percent of adults are obese.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) explains that globally, obesity prevalence has almost doubled since 1980.
  • Across the United States, obesity rates are rising to unprecedented levels.


Obesity increases the risk for diabetes, kidney failure, circulatory and cardiovascular issues.



green tea



Ohio State University researchers used mice to test the effects of green tea extract on reducing obesity.


To investigate, the scientists studied male mice.For 8 weeks, they fed half of the mice a standard diet, and the remaining half ate a high-fat diet that causes obesity. The researchers mixed green tea extract into half of each group’s food.


Following the 8 week regimen, they measured inflammation within the gut, fat tissue, and gut bacteria. Previous studies showed that obesity triggers gut inflammation and increases toxic bacteria levels. The also measured toxins in the bloodstream.



Gut bacteria produce these chemicals, and once in the blood, they move around the body, increasing inflammation and insulin resistance. Insulin resistance leads to diabetes.


The results showed that green tea extract helps to reduce and control obesity.


Mice that ate a high-fat diet mixed with the green tea compound gained 20 percent less weight than the mice that ate the high-fat diet without the supplement.


Also, they had lower levels of insulin resistance. Inflammation was lower and the level of good gut bacteria was higher in this group as well.

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