Natural Sugar Drinks Also Increase Risk For Type-2 Diabetes

Natural sugar drinks can increase your risk for Type-2 diabetes just as much as sugar-sweetened drinks, a new study reports.
An international team of investigators from Harvard’s School of Public Health and Fudan University in Shanghai, suggests natural fruit juices and diet sweetened beverages, could also increase diabetes risk. The best protection is to switch to water, tea, and coffee.

Natural Sugar Drinks: Study Results

Researchers analyzed data collected over 26 years from men and women enrolled in the Nurses’ Health Study between 1986–2012.


Participants answered questionnaires that asked how often they consumed certain foods and beverages. By analyzing the results, the study authors found out how often participants drank certain sugary drinks and were able to calculate any changes in their drink consumption patterns.


Results showed that people who drank sugar sweetened soft drinks and naturally sweet fruit drinks of 4 ounces per day over 4 years, increased their diabetes risk increase by 16 percent.


Surprisingly, total intake of artificially sweetened beverages — such as diet soda — by the same quantity over the same period, increased the Type-2 diabetes risk by 18 percent!


These associations were consistent, even after researchers adjusted for variables, including body mass index, different dietary changes, and relevant lifestyle habits.

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